Go2Funlive 6-Way Led Blade Fuse Box With Negative Bus Bar Car Automotive Marine 12V Confuence Line

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The fuse will automatically blow current when the current rises abnormally and reaches a certain height. Thereby functioning to protect the circuit and operate safely

The negative pole line is arranged to facilitate the grounding of the equipment negative pole. It will be more convenient and safe in use.
Surface insulation, except fuses, it's made of plastic, with flame retardant and insulation role.
Made of PBT flame retardant-high & low temperature resistant environmental protection material. The fuse holder has good echanical strength, insulation, heat resistance and flame retardancy, and will not produce fracture, deformation, combustion and short circuit phenomena when used.
All busbars and fuse clips are nickel plated copper with corrosion resistance and optimum conductivity.
Red LED indicator design, corresponding to each fuse connected to the electrical appliances, when the fuse is disconnected, the red light will be on, you can immediately know which fuse is broken, convenient and timely processing.

Item Type: 6-way Fuse Box with LED Lights
Item Model: F3886-12
Condition: New
Input Voltage: 32V
Current: 20A
Material: Plastic + Copper
Fit: For car, truck, SUV, home, boat, camper/RV, ATV, UTV, golf cart, and more electrical devicess.
Item Size: 1.4*1.2*1.1cm/0.55*0.47*0.43in
Package Weight: 164g/5.8oz
Packge Size: 8.7*8.5*3.7cm/3.4*3.3*1.5in

Package List:
1* Square Car Fuse
4* Screw
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