Go2Funlive 9 Pieces Set Luxury Pu Leather Car Universal Car Seat Covers Automotive Seat Covers All The Year Round Fine-Quality

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This seat cover is suitable for most car seats on the market, you can use it for four seasons. And it is not only a protective cover, but also can be used to decorate the interior of the car, it will make your car take on a new appearance.    

Security: Does not affecet the operation of the airbag.
Practicality: Does not affeect the function of using the car seat.
It has a long service life.
Fine quality fabric, breathable, comfortable, dirt resistant, wear resistant, easy to clean, will not fall off.
Can be used in four seasons, it is not too hot in summer and not too cold in winter.
Suitable for most car seats on the market.
Easy to install.

Material: PU
Color: black
Item size: Front Seat Cover: 1180 * 550mm / 46.5 * 21.7in
                Head Rest Cover: 270 * 260mm / 10.6 * 10.2in
                Back Seat Bottom Cover: 1250 * 600mm / 49.2 * 23.6in
                Back seat cover: 1250 * 700mm / 49.2 * 27.6in
Item weight: 1400g / 3.1lb        
Package size: 300 * 200 * 150mm / 11.8 * 7.9 * 5.9in
Package weight: 1469g / 3.2lb

Package List:    
2 * Front Seat Cover        
1 * Back Seat cover
1 * Back Seat Bottom Cover
5 * Head Rest Cover    
25 * Hook        
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