Go2Funlive Azden Smx-30 Stereo/Mono Switchable Video Microphone Wide Frequency Response Low Noise Operation Gain Control With Brand New Shock Absorbing Shoe Mount For Canon Nikon Sony Dslr Ildc Camera

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The SMX-30 was engineered to be the ultimate video microphone with outstanding audio quality, appealing design, ergonomic form factor, and all of the functional features one expects in a top-of-the-line, camera-mounted microphone.

Stereo / Mono Switchable
Housed inside an innovative casing, the SMX-30 is actually two microphones packaged into one. The stereo microphone is positioned at the top and consists of 2 cardioid polar pattern microphone elements spaced apart at a 120° angle for capturing a natural sounding stereo image. The mono microphone uses a super-cardioid polar pattern to focus on sound in front of the camera and is equipped to record broadcast quality sound.

Gain Control
The audio controls on DSLR cameras are limited, if they exist at all. And DSLRs are notoriously known to have low-quality microphone preamps that add noise to the video soundtrack when the gain is turned up. That's why AZDEN designed the SMX-30 with a +20dB gain booster; so you can get a strong, clean audio signal into your camera, minimizing the need to turn up the noisy preamp. Also included is a -10dB pad to protect against distortion when recording in loud environments such as live concerts and motorsport events.

Frequency Response
The SMX-30 has a wide frequency response ranging from 40Hz to 20kHz, so the audio you capture will sound full and natural. Additionally, a low-cut filter switch is included for reducing the level of low frequencies below 120Hz, which is especially useful for mitigating noise caused by air conditioners, wind and traffic.

The SMX-30 is powered by two AA batteries; a lower cost option than the 9V battery that is used in some competitor microphones. The SMX-30 can achieve 24 hours of operation with a single set of batteries with absolutely no degradation of sound quality. The battery indicator LED light lets you know when it's time to change batteries with up to a 1 hour warning.

Maximize battery life by using the unique "Auto" power setting. When set to Auto, the SMX-30 can detect when a camera is on and will automatically power on and off with the camera (requires a mic input that provides plug-in power). Ever leave your microphone on by accident to discover that the batteries are dead the next time you try to use it? Eliminate that possibility by always leaving the SMX-30 in "Auto" mode.

Integrated Shock Absorbing Shoe Mount
Integrated into the design of the SMX-30 is a custom made, shock absorbing shoe mount to isolate the microphone from camera motor and handling noise. The mount is designed to fit the standard camera shoe and comes with a 1/4"-20 thread at the bottom for mounting to boom poles and other camera accessories.

SWitch between stereo and mono microphone.
Level adjustment: -10dB, 0dB, +20dB.
+20dB gain booster alleviates noise produced by low-quality camera preamps.
-10dB pad for loud sound environments.
Low-cut filter selectable at 120Hz, 3dB/octave.
Low noise, high sensitivity, wide frequency response.
Custom, detachable foam windscreen.
Integrated shock-absorbing shoe-mount with 1/4"-20 thread.
Battery indicator LED light. 3.5mm stereo mini-jack output.

Brand: AZDEN
Model: SMX-30
Polar Pattern: Mono: Super-Cardioid; Stereo: Cardioid (120°)
Frequency Response: 40Hz-20kHz
Sensitivity: -36dB at 1kHz
Dynamic Range: 118dB
S/N Ratio: 82dB, 1kHz at 1Pa
Max Input Level: 130dB SPL (1kHz@ 1% T.H.D.)
Max Output Level: +6.2dBu
Output Impedance: 50 Ohm
Power Requirement: 2 * AA batteries (not included)
Output Connector: 3.5mm Stereo mini plug
Power Switch: Off, Battery, Auto
Gain Control: -10dB, 0dB, +20dB
LCF: 120Hz, 3dB/octave
Item Size: 14.5 * 10.7 * 4.7cm / 5.7 * 4.2 * 1.9in
Item Weight: 145g / 5.1oz
Package Size: 19.3 * 13.5 * 8cm / 7.6 * 5.3 * 3.2in
Package Weight: 271g / 9.6oz

Package List:
1 * SMX-30 Microphone
1 * Custom Foam Windscreen
1 * User Manual (English)

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