Go2Funlive Car Tpms Tire Pressure Monitoring System Solar Charging Hd Digital Lcd Display Auto Alarm System Wireless With 4 Sensor

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1.Low air pressure/high temperature alarm
2.High Temperature / Leakage / Low Battery Alarm
3.Wireless connect by sensors, easy install
4.Solar power charging;
5.LCD display screen, Simple user interface;
6.Smart start: parking automatically sleep, the car starts automatically wake up.

Build-in Sensor ( Option 1)
- Please install in by Professional car center
-More stable and accurate
-Anti High Temperate and Cold
-IP67 Protection / Waterproof
-Working Temperature: -40¡æ-125¡æ
Working voltage£º2.1V-3.5V
Transmission frequency:433.92MHZ
-Battery Life: 5 Years, replaceable
Size: 22cm*20cm*3.6cm
Package weight:370g
External Sensor ( Option 2)
- Easy to install, convenient to replace
-Dust-Proof / Water-Proof / Anti-theft
-Anti High Temperate and Cold
-IP67 Protection / Waterproof
-Working Temperature: -30¡æ-80¡æ
Working voltage£º2.1V-3.6V
Transmission power£º<10 dbm
Transmission frequency:433.92MHZ
-Battery Life: 2 Years, replaceable
Size:  22cm*20cm*3.6cm
Package weight:260g

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