Go2Funlive Cool Cold Usb Powered Slim Flat Notebook Laptop Cooler Cooling Pad Radiator With Led Four Fans For 17Inch Laptop Gaming Daily Use

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Are you still worried about your computer's situation when it becomes really hot after using it for a long time? This excellent cooler fan pad will be a good solution. The cooler with four powerful LED fans can assist your computer in lowering heat. In addition to that, the cooler pad can also serve as a USB HUB for it provides user two USB 2.0 interfaces.

Outstanding cooling performance: with four strong LED fans and two fan switches, it can lower the heat effectively and quickly.
User friendly design: convenient and easy to use with its plug and play design.
Ergonomic design: with a stand user can adjust the height freely.
Two USB ports: it can serve as a USB HUB, convenient and practical.
Using low noise technology: ensuring you won’t be disturbed during usage.

Material: ABS
Number of fans: 4
Port: 2 * USB 2.0
Fan airflow: 75.35CFM
Fan speed: 1400RPM
Power voltage: DC 5V
Power current: 0.75A±10%
Power: 3.75W
Fan size: 12 * 1.5cm / 4.7 * 0.6in (D * H)
Item size: 40 * 27 * 2.9cm / 15.7 * 10.6 * 1.1in (L * W * H)
Item weight: 850g / 30oz
Package size: 41 * 30 * 4cm / 16 * 12 * 1.5in (L * W * H)
Package weight: 980g / 34.5oz

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