Go2Funlive Dc 12V 60W Fluid Extractor Motor Oil Diesel Fuel Transfer Pump

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The 12V fuel transfer pump is an ideal equipment for quick and clean oil changes. It works great for pumping engine oil, diesel and heating oil.

An ideal equipment for quick and clean oil-changes.
The oil will simply drawn out the motor through the oil dipstick bore.
It's works by connecting the clamps to the car battery.
Ideal for motorcycles, vans, cars, quads and other 12V vehicles.
Suitable for pump engine oil, diesel and heating oil. 

Color: Black, yellow
Material: PP, aluminum alloy, copper
Input voltage: DC 12V
Motor oil (40-60 degrees) flow rate: approx. 1L / min
Diesel flow rate: approx. 250L / hour
Input hose(approx.): Length: 1.2m / Outer diameter: 6mm / Inner diameter: 4mm
Outlet hose(approx.): Length: 1.5m / Outer diameter: 12mm / Inner diameter: 10mm
Package size: 20.3 * 18.5 * 9.2cm /  8 * 7.3 * 3.6in
Weight: 1013g / 35.7oz

Package List:
1 * Fuel Transfer Pump

1. NOT suitable for extracting: water (no lubrication of the pump), gearbox-oil (too viscous) and easy inflammable liquids (fuel, petrol, etc.)
2. The working-period for this oil-extractor should not exceed 30 minutes.[countdown]2020/6/23 0:0:00[/countdown]
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