Go2Funlive Dc5V/Dc18V 40W Portable Dual Output Solar Power Energy Charging Panel Usb Interface Car Charger Ip65 Water Resistance Necessities For Outdoor Camping Hiking Climbing

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Are you a person that becomes insecure when electricity runs out? This product ensures enough power for your mobile devices, vehicles, 12V battery, and it's a requisite accessories for outdoor camping, hiking, fishing etc. 

Power supply by solar energy, which is clean, endless and environment-friendly.
Without any additional energy consumption, 0 electricity bill a year.
Monocrystalline solar panel and environmental-friendly PET film, long time to use.
IP65 protection grade, it can be used even in bad weathers.
Perfect accessories to use in the outdoor environment, such as camping, hiking, climbing, to ensure in-time power supply.
Provided car charger for car charging and the clip can be used to charge the 18v battery.

Output voltage: DC 5V (USB) & DC18V
Solar panel: 36 * 0.55V monocrystalline solar panel
Total power: 40W
Transformation efficiency: 19.6-20%
Water resistance: IP65
Material: PET
Item color: black+ white
Item size: 560 * 435 * 3 mm / 22.04 * 17.13 * 0.12 in
Item weight: 900 g / 31.75 ounce
Package size: 560 * 455 * 30 mm / 22.04 * 17.91 * 1.18 in
Package weight: 1200 g / 42.33 ounce

1. Do not scrape the surface of the solar panel with sharp objects.
2. When charging the charger with solar energy, please place the solar panel facing up in direct sunlight to ensure the best charging effect.
3. Please do not use it as emergency charging when it is raining for avoiding short circuits. (The front of the solar panel is water resistance (keep the USB and DC interfaces away from water).

Package list:
1 * Solar panel
1 * The battery clip
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