Go2Funlive Fotga Rm-Vs1 Shutter Release Remote Commander For Sony Rx10/Hx50/Hx60 A7R

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The innovative design is the standard 2.5mm extending terminal, which allows you to use on different cameras and camcorders besides Sony devices with only an extra 2.5mm shutter connecting cable when there is no multi digital connector with your devices.

Support shutter release & Half-press focus & B bulb.
Video recording control.
Electrical zoom control.
Power switch button for camera's power management.
No need battery.
MULTI interface and REMOTE interface, 2in1.
Extending 2.5mm terminal designed, supports most cameras and camcorders on the market.
1/4" mounting hole.

Type: Shutter release
Brand: FOTGA
Material: Aluminum Alloy, Plastic
Suitable For:
    Digital camera: DSC-QX30 ILCE-QX1 DSC-RX100M3 DSC-HX50 DSC-HX300 DSC-HX100M2 DSC-HX10 DSC-HX400 DSC-HX60
    Video camcorder: HDR-CX220E HDR-PJ220E HDR-CX290E HDR-CX390E HDR-PJ390E HDR-CX510E HDR-PJ510E HDR-PJ660E HDR-PJ790E HDR-PJ820E HDR-PJ610E HDR-PJ350E HDR-PJ240E HDR-CX900E HDR-CX610E HDR-CX240E FDR-AX100E DEV-30* DEV-50* HDR-GWP88E* HDR-MV1*
    Alpha DSLR: ¦Á77M2 ¦Á3000 ¦Á100* ¦Á700* ¦Á350* ¦Á300* ¦Á200* ¦Á900* ¦Á850* ¦Á500* ¦Á550* ¦Á450* ¦Á33* ¦Á55* ¦Á35* ¦Á37* ¦Á58 ¦Á560* ¦Á580* ¦Á65* ¦Á57* ¦Á77* ¦Á99*
    TM mirrorless camera: ¦Á-7M2 ¦Á-5100 ¦Á-7S ¦Á-5000 ¦Á-6000 ¦Á-7R ¦Á-7 NEX-3N
Item Size: 8.7 * 3 * 1.5cm / 3.4 * 1.2 * 0.6in
Item Weight: 60g / 2.1oz
Package Size: 7 * 2.5 * 15cm / 2.8 * 1.0 * 6.0in
Package Weight: 80g / 2.8oz

Package List£º
1 * Shutter release
1 * 2.5mm shutter connecting cable
1 * English instruction manual

With *symbol only support some functions.
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