Go2Funlive Gypsum Board Cutting Artifact High Precision Automatic Woodworking Gypsum Board Artifact Manual Multi-Function Special Tools

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This is a safe, accurate, efficient and environmentally friendly gypsum board cutter. 

The width of the cutting board is freely adjustable from 20mm to 600mm.
The blade adopts art blade, and the design of double blade is more keen.
With practical and accurate four bearings, smooth and quiet, having a long service life.
The blade is quick and easy to install, no need for tools, which is more convenient.
Double handle design makes cutting safe, labor-saving, convenient and comfortable.
Environmentally friendly, cutting clean, no burrs and no dust.

Material: ABS+stainless steel
Color: orange, blue, green, black (random delivery )
Cutting range: 20-600mm / 0.8-23.6in
Blade: art blade
Total height: 725mm 
Item weight: 1600g 
Package size: 700 * 110 * 80mm 
Package weight: 1700g 

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