Go2Funlive Heavy-Duty Module Design Bus-Bar Box Terminal Board 300A With 4 Terminal Studs

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The Bus-Bar Box plays a role of accommodating a negative wire harness in a car or a ship yacht, and brings the wires of the negative electrode together to make the box storage more beautiful.

Highest amperage rated bus bar (300A) with M8 terminal studs (also available in M10).
Glass fiber reinforced nylon base and enclosure ensures great mechanical strength and durability.
Heavy-Duty module box design for easy wiring configurations.
Blank write-on space on the top allows  easy labeling for each branch.
4 studs (5/16"), Removable windows for unobstructed wiring.

Bus Material: Brass, Nickel plated
Base & Cover Material: Nylon, Glass Fiber reinforced
Max Operating Voltage: DC 48V
Max Amp per circuit: Determined by wires connected
Terminal Stud Size: 4*M8 (5/16")
Size: 13.5*7*5cm / 5.31*2.75*1.97in
Product Weight: 369g / 13.01oz
Package Size: 13.5*7*5cm / 5.31*2.75*1.97in
Package Weight: 374g / 13.19oz

Use Instructions:
The middle M8 is connected to the negative pole of the device, and the M8 at both ends is connected to the negative pole of the battery; a small current is collected from each device, such as 3A 5A 10A 8A... A thick wire is integrated to connect a large current to the battery in the range of 150A.

Package List:
4 * Studs
4 * Screws
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