Go2Funlive Iets 6 Gt202 Usb Laptop Fan Cooler For14/15.6/17 Inch Laptop

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IETS 6 GT202 is designed for laptop heat dissipation; powerful radiator with high-speed sound muted motor ensures ultra quiet operation and pleasant working environment. Temperature and fan speed display enables you to easily control the devices.

[Induced Draft Laptop Cooler]

Small and lightweight, large air volume, low noise and long service life, can rapidly reduce both surface and internal temperature, far better than cooling pads.
[Fan Speed and Temperature Display]
The cooling fan display screen shows the real-time working status fan speed and outlet temperature alternately, convenient to manage the airflow.
[Two-way Installation]
Quick installation provides an easy mounting solution, just plug and play; fixing glue with patented clamping arms, keeps the cooler firmly attached to laptop when moving.
[Automatic and Manual Adjustment Modes]
There are 13 speeds to manage the airflow and noise; quiet operation in auto mode and the max noise is less than 60dbm. In addition, the auto mode and manual mode are displayed in the LED display screen in this newest 6 generation.
[High-performance Laptop Cooler]
The best cooler to ease heat dissipation in laptops, rapidly reduce both surface and internal temperature in minutes which is far better than cooling pads. It’s designed for laptops, with air vents on sides or rear, ideal for gaming laptops or systems that tax the CPU.

Brand Name: IETS
Model Number: GT202
Fan Speed: 5000/5500RPM
Rated Voltage: 5V
Rated Current: 600mA
Input Power: 3W
Color: Black
Main Item Size: approx. 8.5 * 8 * 3.5cm / 3.35 * 3.15 * 1.38in
Main Item Weight: approx. 115.7g / 4.08oz
Package Size: approx. 18.5 * 10.5 * 4.5cm / 7.28 * 4.13 * 1.77in
Package Weight: approx. 250.2g / 8.83oz

Package List:
1 * Laptop Cooler
3 * Silicone Case
1 * Magnetic Plate
1 * Stainless Steel Plate
1 * Sticker
1 * USB Cable
1 * User Manual[countdown]2020/6/23 0:0:00[/countdown]
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