Go2Funlive M6013 Esr High Precision Capacitor Meter Professional Measuring Capacitance Resistance Capacitor Circuit Tester

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This M6013 V2 is auto-ranging capacitor capacitance meter. Using 128*64 dot matrix LCD, can display 5 digit reading. Large range of measuring 0.01pF to 470mF(470000uF) capacitance, which enough for DIY user and professional engineer usage.  

New large dot matrix LCD, can display 5 digit reading.
Larger measuring range, V2 can read up to 470mF.
More stable on reading, (with auto running averaging function, can read pF more stable and accuracy).
Reading a 2200uF capacitance only takes ¡«0.2s.
Suitable for DIY user and professional engineer usage.  
Can use mirco usb as external power.

Color: Orange
Range              Accuracy(After zero,     Refresh Time(Manual Mode) 
                 tested with 1,10,100R    Auto mode take 0 to 2s, more time 
                 resistor)            depends on capacitance value.
0.01pF to 47.000nF     1%+2Digit              ¡«0.2s to 1s
47.00nF to 47.000uF    1%+1Digit              ¡«0.2s to 2s
47.00uF to 470.00mF    1 to 3%+1Digit           ¡«0.2s to 30s
Accuracy: Up to 1% (detail on above table) 
High Resolution: 5 digit
Measuring Voltage: <0.8V 
Clamping Voltage: ¡«1.25V (open voltage)
External Power: 5V micro USB
Operating Current: 0.02A
Battery: 2 * AA 1.5V Battery (not included)
Battery Life time: >80 Hours
Item Size: Approx 14.5 * 8 * 3cm / 5.7 * 3.1 * 1.2in
Item Weight: Approx 138.3g / 4.9oz
Package Size: Approx 17 * 9 * 5cm / 6.7 * 3.5 * 2.0in
Package Weight: Approx 216g / 7.6oz

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1 * Capacitance Meter
2 * Test Clips
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