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This deodorizer has a strong oxidative decomposition ability, which can quickly and thoroughly eliminate odors in the air. It can remove the odors of cars, indoor smoke, dust or pets effectively, useful for small space, like toilet, shoe cabinet, refrigerator, offices, cars, conference rooms, and entertainment places.

Deodorizer Sterilizer: Disinfection and sterilization, decomposing formaldehyde, removing odors, purifying air, preventing mildew and deodorization, and keeping fresh for a long time.
Energy-saving:  energy-saving, and low consumption, easy deodorization, quiet operation.
Easy deodorization, quiet operation, exquisite and compact, one-button operation.
Useful: 360-degree comprehensive deodorization and sterilization, safe, efficient and easy to carry.
Widely Applicable: Suitable for bathroom, kitchen, pet room disinfection and deodorization, can also be used in closed environments such as wardrobes, shoe cabinets, cupboards, socks bags, underwear boxes, etc., and can also be used for disinfecting the interior of cars.
Humanized design: can be freely selected timing mode / free mode according to the disinfection environment.

Product model: AJG-002
Material: ABS
Color: White
Use scenario: home / office / bathroom, etc.
Voltage: AC 5V
Working power: 6W
Product size: 120*120*32mm
Applicable Area: 30m2
Package size: 170*150*42mm / 6.69*5.91*1.65in
Package weight: 250g / 8.82oz

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