Go2Funlive New Double Jaw Table Vise Multi-Function Table Pliers Clamp 360 Degree Rotating Table Diy Heavy Table Vise New Double Jaw Table Vise

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The steering can be adjusted 360° rotation, convenient to work.
Independent control fixed shaft, powerful function.
Double clamp design, smooth track rotation, grip more stable.
Galvanized thick lead screw, trapezoidal thread design, not easy to slip wire.
It is suitable for woodworking handwork, DIY crafts and so on.

Material: Carbon steel
Color: blue
Clamping range: 0-60mm
Clamp thickness: 45mm
Width of large/small jaws: 65/38mm
Anvil table size: 50*25mm/1.96*0.98in
Package size: 200*150*100mm / 7.87 * 5.90 * 3.93in
Package weight:3890g/8.57 lb

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