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This ignition timing machine is suitable for automobiles, motorcycles and all two-stroke or four-stroke gasoline engines. It adopts impact-resistant ABS shell, and the working voltage is 12V. It can detect car knock suppression control system and vacuum advanced angle control system.

Re-timing design makes your car ignition get the best performance.
Suitable for cars, agricultural and marine engines, easily operate on 12V ignition systems.
Impact-resistant and fine-quality ABS housing.
Focused lens provides light for high visibility of timing mark.
Detachable clamp-on inductive pickup, easy and secure to connect.
The ergonomically designed handle makes you feel more comfortable.
Fine-quality material, practical and easy to use.
The clamps are replaceable.

Material: ABS
Model: TL-122
Main color: black
Input: 12V
Working temperature: 0-40¡æ
Trigger point: No.1 cylinder high-voltage spark plug
Speed: 200-10000r/min
Item weight (approx.): 450g / 15.9oz / 1lb
Package size: 300 * 200 * 65mm / 11.8 * 7.9 * 2.6in
Package weight (approx.): 500g / 17.6oz / 1.1lb

1. The power supply is 12V.
2. Electrode: Red +, Black -.
3. It can be used only when the arrow on the sensor clip points to spark plug.

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