Go2Funlive Razer Seiren Elite Microphone Single Dynamic Capsule Built-In High-Pass Filter Digital/Analog Limiter Cardioid Pickup Pattern Usb Plug And Play With Microphone Windscreen

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The Seiren Elite is a dynamic microphone made for professional streaming, with single dynamic capsule for rich quality sound, high-pass filter switch for ultra-clean recordings and digital/analog limiter to reduce distortion, taking your audio to the next level and making your personality truly shine.


Dynamic Capsule Design for rich quality sound.
The Razer Seiren Elite’s professional-grade single dynamic capsule ensures minimal electronic interference so your voice sounds richer, warmer and true to life during your broadcast. 
Clean & Clear.
Built-in high-pass filter that cuts out unwanted low-frequency vibrations, like footsteps or the rumble of an air conditioner, only the cleanest recording signals are picked up.
Cardioid Pickup Pattern.
Mainly records the frontal sources, to reduce the noise from the side or back, ensuring the clear and smooth sound effect, suitable for most situations.
Smooth and clear, optimizing your streaming.
Up to 16 bit depth and 48kHz sampling rate recording quality enables to capture wider audio range while to optimize the data stream, save  the recordings while take up less space, allowing faster editoring and uploading.
Easy Operation.
USB Plug & Play, no driver required, applicable for Windows 7 and above  For Mac OSX 10.8 and above.
Sound Steady all the time.
When the action heats up, it’s easy to get a little too enthusiastic with your shoutcalls. When that happens, a digital/analog limiter helps adjust your gains to prevent audio distortion and voice clipping, so you’ll always sound in control.
Easy Control.
There are gain and volume control knob on the mic, for easy control and adjustment. The mic mute switch enables instant mute.
Real-time Monitor of the Records.
During streaming, it is important to monitor your voice in real-time, so the Razer Seiren Elite enables to monitor the sounds via earphone, with 3.5mm audio port.
Durable Metal Shell.
Lightweight and durable metal shell, allows to deal with different conditions in daily live broadcast.
Adjustable Shock-resistant Stand.
Enables to rotate the microphone angle to align the microphone to the sound source position to improve the sound quality.
Comes with a thick microphone windscreen.
To prevent pops and prevent liquid or dust from entering the microphone. The high-density thickened microphone windscreen is elastic, durable and can be used repeatedly after washing.


Brand: Razer
Model: Seiren Elite 
Color: Black
Sample Rate: 44.1-48kHz
Bit Rate: 16bit
Capsule: Single Dynamic Capsule
Polar patterns: Cardioid
Frequency response: 20Hz-20kHz
Connectivity: USB
Max SPL: 120dB
Cable Length: Approx. 3m /9.8ft
Size: Approx. 685 * 226 * 90mm / 27 * 8.9 * 3.5inch
Weight: Approx. 783g / 27.6oz
Headphone Amplifier
Impedance: ≥ 16¦¸ 
Power output (RMS): 85mW (at 16¦¸)
Flat Frequency Response: Yes
Zero-Latency Monitoring: Yes
System Requirements: for Windows 7, 8, 10, Mac OS 10.8 onwards

Package Include:

1 * Razer Seiren Elite 
1 * USB Cable
1 * Desk Stand
1 * Microphone Windscreen 
1 * Manual
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