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This Is a Wireless Barcode Scanner with excellent performance, is a good helper for cash register  and is widely used in O2O payment business, express logistics, supermarkets, shopping malls, pharmacies, warehouses, libraries and other places.

Dual mold design, durable, ABS shell, made of environmentally friendly materials, anti-seismic and anti-falling.
Mainstream USB communication keeps you away from installation driver troubles and
truly plug and play.
Perfect compatibility, all kinds of systems ( mobile phone / computer / screen dedicated, QR code can be solved ).

The continuous scanning mode is convenient and quick, and the scanning gun does not need to press the scanning key to scan continuously.
Using a new generation of
decoding chips, video cameras, powerful capture mode and wider scanning range.
Interface type: USB
Volatage: 5V DC±5%
Battery Capacity: 1400mA
Data transmission type: Wireless transmission
Sensor CMOS sensor pixel: 640*480*30 fps
Scanning mode: manual triggering, self - induction, continuous scanning
Support: One - dimensional code, QR code, Chinese barcode scanning and identification, Mobile Screen, computer screen
Item size£º200mm*66mm*65mm/7.9*2.6* 2.5in
Item Weight: 145g
Package size: 200mm*98mm*120mm/7.9*4.7*3.8in
Package weight: 255g
Whats in Box
1 * Barcode Scanner
1 * USB Charging Cable
1 * User Manual
1 * USB Receiver
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