Go2Funlive Smart Sensor Professional High Precision Portable Ph Meter For Aquarium Acidimeter Water Quality Monitor Water Quality Analyzer Ph Tester Measure Household Drinking Solution With Temperature Compensation Function And Backlight

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This professional & practical pH meter is accurate and perfect tool for testing pH of the water level. Suitable for aquarium pool, drinking water and environment water. Very convenient to change its electrode, and completes with various industry test needs.      

Widely used to test the pH of solution/water.
Apply in water sources, aquarium, hydroponics, spas, swimming pools and other water systems.
Separated pH and temperature sensor probes pH meter.
Low battery indication and 30 minutes auto power off.
Data hold, Max & Min measurement function.
Large & clear LCD display with bright backlight and ¡æ/¨H switch, easy to read and accurately testing.
Electrode probe can be replaced - Replaceable BNC pH sensor probe.

Brand Name: SMART SENSOR     
Color: Black
Material: ABS Plastic
Range: pH 0.00 ¡« 14.00
            TEMP: -10¡æ ¡« 60¡æ (14¨H ¡« 140¨H)
            mV: -1400mV ¡« +1400mV
Resolution: pH 0.01
                   TEMP: 0.1¡æ  
                  mV: 1mV
Accuracy: pH: ± 0.05
                TEMP: ±1.0¡æ  
                mV: ±3%
Measurement Stability: ± 0.03
Instrument Repeatability: ± 0.03
Response Time: ≤30s
The measured solution temperature: 5¡æ ¡« 60¡æ (41¨H ¡« 140¨H)
Temperature Compensation: 0¡æ ¡« 60¡æ (32¨H ¡« 140¨H)
Environmental Temperature: 0¡æ ¡« 35¡æ (32¨H ¡« 95¨H) 0¡«80%RH  
Battery: 1 * 9V Battery (NOT Included)
Length of pH Electrode: Approx. 150mm / 5.91in 
Length of pH Electrode Line: Approx. 920mm / 36.22in 
Item Size: Approx. 170 * 66 * 35mm / 6.69 * 2.60 * 1.38in (Excluding Temperature Sensore)
Item Weight: Approx. 207g / 7.29oz  
Package Size: Approx. 25.5 * 21 * 6cm / 10.04 * 8.27 * 2.36in (L * W * H)
Package Weight: Approx. 644g / 22.71oz

Package List:
1 * pH Meter 
1 * Composite pH Electrode  
1 * Certificate of Calibration
1 * User Manual

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