Go2Funlive Sunshine-Tipway 5.25 Inch 5 Channel Touchscreen Fan Controller Temperature Monitor Automatic Speed Control Lcd Front Panel For Computer Cooling Fans

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The fan controller is equipped with an advanced touchscreen interface which is compatible with 5.25 inch drive bay. From this touchscreen, you can keep an eye on temperature (in both Celsius and Fahrenheit), RPM...and make adjustments on 5 fans upon auto and manual mode. It offers incredible flexibility and functionality to add to your build's cooling system. It can easily control the fans automatically by probes which can be placed anywhere in the case on any component giving a temperature readout. If you are PC DIY enthusiasts looking for a solution for your cooling system, this touchscreen fan controller is definitely the way to go.

Remarkable Touchscreen
Touchscreen design with gorgeous layout, allowing you to monitor and control fans more easily.

5 Channel Supported
Support up to 5 independent fans, with each channel delivering up to 10W to push even the most demanding fans available for builders.

Automatic and Manual Control
Monitor the computer temperature intelligently by probes and adjust all fans automatically to a effective mode when turned in to auto mode. Individual fan speed can be adjusted in manual mode.

Temperature Monitor 
Provide an audible alert when the temperature higher than the preset temperature to protect your PC from the damage caused by overheat.

Efficiency Mode
Tuned for best cooling performance, automatically adjust all fans to its fastest or slowest speed.

Fan Speed Display
Help you keep an eye on fan speed and offer complete fan control.

Brand: Sunshine-tipway  
Model: STW-5036
Compatibility: 5.25" drive bay
Fan channel quantity: 5 
Output voltage: 5V - 12V
Input voltage: 5V - 12V
Output power: 10W per channel
Fan connector: compatible with 3-pin 4-pin connector
Power connector: 4-pin connector
Cable length (fan): 5 * 62.5cm / 5 * 24.61in
Cable length (power): 23cm / 9.05in
Cable length (probe): 62cm / 24.41in
Item size: 15 * 8 * 4.2cm / 5.90 * 3.14 * 1.65in (L * W * H)
Item weight: 172.1g / 6.07oz 
Package size: 19.5 * 17 * 6.5cm / 7.67 * 6.69 * 2.56in (L * W * H)
Package weight: 287.1g / 10.12oz

Package List:
1 * Fan controller
1 * User manual (English, Chinese)
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