Go2Funlive Universal Desktop Computer Monitor Heighten Wooden Stand Dock Holder Display Bracket For Imac Pc Notebook Laptop

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This wooden stand holder works with many kinds of computer, especially for iMac. With its beautifully-designed shape, it is really steady to hold your computer monitor when stand on desk or floor and you can use it at home and office. 

Free up valuable desk space by elevating for iMac off the desk. 
Cable management keeps desktop connections handy and accessible.
Wooden manufacture and the retaining unique wooden grain, retro and vogue.
Smooth, comfortable, and environmentally friendly. 
Universal stand for iMac, PC, notebook.    

Materials£ºWooden (black walnut)
Item size: 50.5 * 23.5 * 9.2cm /19.88 * 9.25 * 3.62in (L * W * H) 
Item weight£º1216g / 2.681Lb 
Package size: 53 * 24 * 10.5cm / 20.86 * 4.13 * 9.44in (L * W * H) 
Package weight:1506g / 3.320Lb

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