Go2Funlive Usb Switch Pedal Control Keyboard Mouse Foot Switch Black For Pc Game Mouse

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The USB pedal switch is equivalent to a have a standard USB keyboard and mouse buttons, button can be set by any of the software defined as your keyboard keys, key combination, mouse, multimedia, games, handle and print string functions, set up the key values stored in the device, the use of equipment process without other software.

Black pedal, metal material, foot switch can bear the weight of more than 150kg, strong and tough.
Simulation keyboard of any Key, combination Key, mouse, multimedia, gamepad, string, string end + any key, multimedia, gamepad and other functions. 
Used for intelligent control games, instrument control, factory test, piano keyboard test, hospital scanning, multimedia teaching, etc.
The software only supports for Windows systems, the hardware supports all operating systems.
If used for Linux system, you need to set the keys in Windows and then connect the switch to computer.

Material: Metal
Color: Black
Item Size: 135 * 95 * 50mm / 5.31 * 3.74 * 1.97in
Item Weight: 390g / 13.76ounces

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