Go2Funlive Vnetphone 3.5Mm Referee Headset Earhook Intercom Headphones For V4 V6

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1.Referee monaural headset earhook, simple and lightweight,3.5 interface,Widely using in football referees.
2.This headset is specially designed for referees of football and handball.
3.The referee headset is welcomed by football fans and professional referees, removable earhook, monaural earphone, Hi-Fi peaker, clear and loud sound, helps you to make the right judgement on the football match!
4.3.5mm audio jack is widedly used, when the football match finished, plug the headset into your mobile phone to enjoy the music is a good choice too.
5.It is also loved by handball referees too.
Plug Type:3.5mm 
Work For:Vnetphone V4/Vnetphone V4C/Vnetphone V6 V6C/FBIM
Size: 10*10*6.5cm
Package weight:22g
1x headphone ( Not with any Intercom Receiver) 
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