Go2Funlive Yeelight Smarts Air Cooler App Control Intelligent Mini Ceiling Air Conditioning For Kitchen

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This mini ceiling air cooler is designed for used in kitchen to bring cooling wind to make you more comfortable while cooking, come and have it for your home!

Yeelight intelligent cooler, fast speed, strong air volume, adjustable 120° wind direction, driving the kitchen air to flow quickly, bringing coolness.
Yeelight smarts cooler uses a forward multi-wing centrifugal air duct, 360° omnidirectional wind, large air volume, accelerates kitchen air flow and quickly produces coolness.
120° wind direction adjustable, from cutting vegetables to cooking, each area has a cool breeze, whether it is the kitchen cooking area, washing area or storage area, has the right to cool the wind.
Multiple intelligent control methods: Xiao AI student, Yeelight voice assistant control, mobile APP, remote control.
1000000PC/cm3 high concentration negative ion strong smoking dust, cool breeze is also breeze, oil is not easy to accumulate, easy to clean.
The bottom line of the zero fire is easy to fix, and the cool lord only needs to connect the zero line, the fire line and the ground line, saving time and effort.
High-strength panel for toughness and deformation prevention.
Circuit moisture-proof box to protect the circuit from moisture damage, safe and reliable.

Model: YLYB04YI
Material: acrylic
Color: white
Input: AC 220V / 50-60Hz
Rated powers: 40W
Remote control batterys: 1 * 3V/240mAh CR2032
APP: Mijia APP
Download method: mobile application download
Link method: WiFi 2.4G IEEE 802.11b/g/n + BT BLE
Remote size: 124 * 40 * 9mm / 4.88 * 1.57 * 0.35in
Item Weight: 2980g / 6.57lb
Item Size: 330 * 330 * 165mm / 12.99 * 12.99 * 6.5in
Package Weight: 3920g / 8.64lb
Package Size: 415 * 268 * 385mm / 16.34 * 10.55 * 15.16in

This product is only suitable for integrated ceilings. Please be careful not to blow against the cooktop to avoid extinguishing the fire.

Package List:
1 * Cooler
1 * Remote Control
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